Overnight Layover

It is getting alarmingly close to 2016. Why haven’t airlines yet figured out that names can have hyphens in them? It’s pretty frustrating to get the “The name on your booking must match your passport EXACTLY” message when I physically can’t do that.

Ah well. Having somehow magically acquired a non-hyphenated name, our trip has officially started! We dropped the cat off at the cattery yesterday, and I only cried a little (what can I say, I’m overly attached).

With three boarding passes in hand (Paraparaumu-Auckland, Auckland-Sydney, Sydney-Los Angeles), the taxi arrived just before 3pm. Paraparaumu being rather small, it probably took us more time to navigate our luggage in and out of the boot of the taxi (or trunk—got to get that American English lingo down pat!) than it did to actually drive to the airport! Our baggage balancing skills are once again second to none, with the bags squeaking in under 23kg each.

The Paraparaumu-Auckland flight is always lovely, and today was no exception—the plane was almost empty, being the Sunday of a long weekend, so boarding and disembarking felt super-cruisy. The joys of the smaller Q300 plane is that we’re guaranteed a window seat and an aisle seat between the two of us, so we got some absolutely stunning views as we flew up the North Island.

Super Shuttle successfully navigated the madness of Auckland traffic and dropped us at the Celestion Waldorf, which I’m pretty sure is far too classy for me!! It’s a really nice hotel, and they gave us a two-bedroom apartment for some reason—so, a bedroom for us and a bedroom for our 5,000 suitcases 😉 It does seem like a waste of a well-stocked apartment, with a fully stocked kitchenette and a great living area, for us to only be here for eleven hours and a big chunk of those asleep! We’ll have to keep them in mind for when we’re here for a little longer.

While channel-surfing, we discovered that there’s an entire channel on SKYTV dedicated to movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Which is incredible. If it was permanently all Leo all the time, that would be just about worth getting SKY for, in terms of sheer entertainment value. Not that we have all his films on our hard drive or anything…

Then we met up with Josh’s mum and her partner for dinner at Velvet Burger. There’s a tragic lack of Velvet Burger in Kāpiti/Wellington, so we need to take advantage of it whenever we’re local to one. They were absolutely delicious (and massive!), so we’ve well and truly had our fill now.

It’s less than eight and a half hours until our awful 4:20am alarm, so it’s time for a hot drink and to curl up in our luxurious king-size bed for the evening. So excited to head out tomorrow!!

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