I may never be able to feel my feet again.

The alarm went off at 5:30am, and we were on the road by 6:20am. A quick swing by Starbucks to attempt to wake up and we were on our way. Unfortunately we were alongside the commuting traffic, so I had a very fun 2.5 hours down the I-5—quite an experience!!

Finally made it to Disneyland, and discovered that they are very forward-thinking and give you a piece of paper to write down what level/row/section you leave your car in (we were 5-Donald, row 7, section C, in case you were wondering). Then we headed to the tram to start our foray into Disneyland!

The first pit stop was, of course, the souvenir shop. We each got 60th Jubilee-themed mouse ears, and also discovered a genius contraption—fan misters. So of course we got one of those as well, and put the mouse ears on. Then, we were ready to start our adventure! We decided to start in Adventureland and just work our way clockwise.

A LOT of the rides in Adventureland are water rides, so our first real stop ended up being Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square. Haunted Mansion gets gussied up in a Nightmare Before Christmas theme for Hallowe’en/Christmas, so it was a really fun ride courtesy of Jack Skellington. Once we came out of there we wandered up and down Critter Country, but couldn’t see anything we particularly wanted to do, so we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland. That was a really fun rollercoaster ride—and a great way to cool down in the already baking California sun, by having the wind blow in our faces!

From there it was time to wander into Fantasyland. I was really gutted that Peter Pan’s flight was closed… and slightly less sad that It’s a Small World was closed up (I really didn’t need that song stuck in my head all day). We hit Snow White’s Scary Adventures, which was a fairly short ride, and then it was time for lunch at Village Haus. Delicious burgers and fries abounded, and it was good to get out of the sun for a little while. After lunch it was time for the Mad Tea Party (in retrospect, not the smartest post-meal ride!). We stumbled up to Toontown, grabbed a FastPass for Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, and went on Gadget’s Go Coaster while we waited. That was pretty disappointing—it lasted all of about 20 seconds and then we were done! We tried to go to Mickey’s house, but the line was super-long and we’d been walking for a while, so we ended up grabbing a spot in the shade and having a drink until our FastPass time hit. Unfortunately, sometime between getting our FastPass ticket and the FastPass window opening, the ride had broken down so we weren’t able to go on it.

That was the last thing we’d wanted to see in Toontown, so we headed down into Tomorrowland. Our first stop there was Star Tours—however, I’m very grumpy about a Star Wars-themed ride being in Tomorrowland, when Star Wars was very specifically set a long time ago…!! The ride itself was an absolute blast, though—I had so much fun. It was definitely one of my favourites. The ride exited through the Star Wars gift shop—thank goodness I didn’t bring my credit card with me…

Our last ride of the day was Space Mountain. This was another one with a Hallowe’en theme, this time Ghost Galaxy. I think this ride would have really freaked out young kids! It was mostly in the dark and some of the graphics would have been really intense for children.

Our lungs and feet and brains were about dead by this time, and we’d done the park, so decided to call it a fantastic day and head back. All in all I had an amazing time, glad I did it. But I feel like if that was Disneyland on a quiet day (as so many people said) I would HATE to be there when it’s busy!!!!

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