Hallowe’en is… overwhelming. I think that’s the best word for it.

We actually started on Friday, with pumpkin selection and carving. I couldn’t believe how many pumpkins were available to choose from! It’s a very serious business, with templates and specific pumpkin-carving tools available everywhere. We took a bit of advice from the experts on which pumpkins to select and headed back to the house. I picked one of the easiest patterns because I was so terrified of messing up my pumpkin, but Josh picked quite a hard one—and his still managed to look better! I was pretty proud of my pumpkin-carving skills, however.

Hallowe’en itself started early, watching the Rugby World Cup final between New Zealand and Australia. Paul and Lori had a couple from New Zealand and another (USA) couple come over for drinking and rugby. We won, of course—so celebratory mimosas and high-fives all round.

It wasn’t long after lunch that I had to start working on my Hallowe’en makeup. I went as the Corpse Bride, and Josh was all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Corpse Bride makeup took almost four hours—it was pretty intense but it looked absolutely amazing. Paul was a Rastafarian, Lori was a cat, Madison was Taylor Swift, and Aiden was a policeman. So we were a fantastic-looking crew!

Trick-or-treating kicked off around 6pm. I did a loop of the cul-de-sac with the kids and checked out some of the incredible house decorations/haunted houses, and then came back to the house to take over candy-handing-out duty from Lori so she could go out with the kids. I loved it, because I got to see all the amazing costumes and feel like a candy fairy!

Overall, I had a great time and had so much fun, but I am in awe that everyone goes to this much effort every year!!!

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