Los Angeles and Madison’s Birthday

My lovely cousin turned nine, and for her birthday she wanted to have lunch at American Girl.

When Lori told me we were going to have lunch at a doll shop, my reaction was kind of, “Okay… cool?” I was not prepared for this experience, at all. It is very serious business, lunch at American Girl! However, the food was surprisingly delicious and they made a huge fuss of Madison for her birthday, which was awesome.

Afterwards, Josh and I went to Barnes and Noble. Farewell, money. It was nice knowing you.

We decided to do a mission to get some photos of the Hollywood sign before heading to the hotel. Unfortunately, I didn’t consider the fact that this meant driving through Los Angeles. Driving here is ridiculous. No one indicates, apparently you need to learn how to read minds. However, we survived the drive, and managed to get some really cool photos 🙂

Afterwards, we headed to the hotel. It was absolutely beautiful—the rooms were huge and the bed was very easy to sink into and stay on forever 🙂 We ended up wandering over to Paul and Lori’s room and ordering in room service as everyone was feeling pretty lethargic! Great food, great spending time with family, and overall a really nice, relaxing night.

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