Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier

So, here’s the thing. Josh and I are both surprisingly good at ring toss.

Backing up. We arrived at Santa Monica Pier about 20 minutes before Pacific Park opened, which gave us time to wander around and check out the sights. It’s an absolutely stunning spot, even if it was horrifically crowded with people.

Once the park opened, we jumped on the Ferris Wheel and got an amazing view of the beach stretching in both directions. The ride was a lot of fun and a great way to scope out the rest of the Park!

After the Ferris Wheel, we went on the rollercoaster. That was pretty awesome—exhilarating without making me feel like I was going to fall off at any given time (always a bonus!)

Then we decided to play some games. Josh had a go at Balloon Bust, then we went back to have another go together and upgraded our prize to an adorable bright pink teddy bear. I had a go at shooting hoops and failed miserably. Then it was time to stop for lunch—burgers and fries, quality seaside food—before we decided that ring toss looked fun. We didn’t realise that it was supposed to be really hard. We also didn’t realise that just landing one got you a jumbo (like, four feet tall) soft toy. We landed one each.

At this point we pretty much had to go home because… well, it’s pretty hard to lug a couple of massive soft toys around the park! That was okay, though, we’d had a great day and done everything we wanted to do. It was such an amazing time.

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