Homeward Bound

Leaving family is the worst.

We didn’t hit the road until about 6:15pm, so we got to have dinner together as a family before we left. Not going to lie, I was tearing up saying goodbye to the kiddos and Paul. We got to the airport a little after 7:30pm and after navigating the maze that is the parking lot of the Tom Bradley terminal, managed to get our bags and one of the giant toys to the check-in counter (the other one, sadly, had to be left behind). We only got a few strange looks traipsing through the crowded airport with a giant stuffed dog…!

Once we did get checked in (and the dog made his way to oversize luggage) it was time to say goodbye to Lori. She cried, I cried. Why haven’t we invented teleportation yet?

Minor stress at the security line when the person checking passports took issue with Josh’s boarding pass only saying “Mr J Brodie”. He let us through in the end, but I complained to Qantas about that one!

Then, all that was left for us to do was buy overpriced, terrible airport burgers and settle in to wait for our plane. So long, California. We’ll miss you.

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