Two Layovers and Home Again

We had good seats on our LAX-SYD flight, and because it was a red-eye flight I, miracle of miracles, actually managed to get a couple of hours’ sleep! We landed in Sydney at 8:30am local time, and had a four-hour layover to sit through.

Four-hour layovers are the worst, because there are usually people at your gate who are departing a couple of hours before you, so you just have to find a perch somewhere until the space clears out. Plus the wi-fi wasn’t working and my international data plan had run out a few hours ago—the ultimate first world problem. Layovers are so boring.

Another 3.5 hour flight later, it was pretty nice to be back in our own country. The customs line may have taken forever, but we got to have lots of conversations about the giant stuffed dog, so all’s well that ends well.

We checked into our hotel (just enough space for a bed, toilet, and shower, but at $89 for the night I’m not complaining!) and met my sister Brodie and her partner John for dinner. They’re moving to London next month so it’s probably the last time we’ll see them before they jetset off! 🙁 We had a lovely dinner with them, and it helped to keep us awake until a reasonable-ish time!

The last flight is always the hardest.

Out of bed at 6:15am and in a taxi by 6:35am is a new impressive record for me. It’s amazing how quickly you can get ready when you prioritise sleep over all else.

Flights to Paraparaumu are so cruisey—no security at the regional gates, so you can just rock up and hang out until your flight is called. It was a smooth trip home, then we pretty much jumped straight in the car to pick up our cat from the cattery. I missed her SO much and she was so happy to see us! The whole weekend, she’s been loudly purring, snuggling up to us in bed, and generally very happy to have her humans back.

It was an incredible trip, overall. I’m already making plans to book another!

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