Packing Fail

It’s 45 hours until we fly out of Paraparaumu airport, and I have not packed a single piece of clothing. So instead of packing, I’m procrastinating, by complaining on the internet about my lack of packing skills. Obviously.

I don’t know why I suck so hard at this. Every time we travel, I swear Never Again. I swear that Next Time, we will pack The Weekend Before. And yet, here we are, with 45 hours to go, and I’m thinking, “I should wash some jeans. Also, how many pairs of underwear do I even own?”

I’ve tried going on Pinterest to get packing tips and… there are people who swear that they can pack two weeks worth of clothing in a carry on bag?! Who are you people and how the hell does that even work? I think I’m the travelling version of parents who try Pinterest crafting with their kids. I try, I really do, but I throw one pair of jeans in there and the whole thing just fucking explodes.

I will definitely pack tonight.

…Or tomorrow.

Probably tomorrow.

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